Recently, the Adventure Pursuits program facilitated a teambuilding experience at the new Activity and Training Center for a class of Gordon students. The class is called “Organizational Behavior” and every year for the past four years the professor of this class, Kent Seibert, has chosen to begin the semester with teambuilding activities. Here is what he has to say about it:

“The team building experience with my organizational behavior students enabled the students and I to build a deep relationship much more quickly than happens in a normal class setting.  It also illustrated teamwork dynamics that we’ll continue to unpack throughout the semester.  Unquestionably the experience adds a dimension to the course that couldn’t be attained any other way.”- Kent Seibert

We are thankful to be a resource for the faculty here at Gordon and we hope to continue impacting students in and out of the classroom.

Photos by Amber Dvornski