Ages 14–15

Program Activities

Explorers take Pathfinders‘ activities to the next level of adventure. Campers will travel locally to off-site locations for rock climbing and canoeing.

Rock Climbing

Campers learn how to climb outdoors on real rock from skilled instructors at sites on the North Shore. Rappelling and rock climbing give campers tangible experiences to practice challenging themselves. 


Waterfront Activities

Campers participate in different waterfront activities including swimming, kayaking and canoeing at Chebacco Lake or the Ipswich River. 

Overnight Camping

Campers will participate in an overnight campout on Thursday evening. After day camp ends, they'll stay for a cookout, games, a campfire and camping out overnight. It is a great way to end the week and to get a taste of camping.

Camp Counselors

Staff You Can Count On

Each camper is placed in a small group with trained counselors. In addition, activity specialists lead our adventure activities. Staff are past and present Gordon College students along with other carefully selected, caring adults. Counselors in training are high school students that show maturity and a desire to invest in younger campers. Adventure Camp’s primary concern is seeing to each camper’s physical, emotional and social needs. For that reason, we limit our camper to staff ratio to 5:1 or lower.

Adventure Camp Values

Challenge by Choice

Even though we believe it’s beneficial for our campers to learn how to overcome challenges, we follow a “challenge by choice” approach. This means each child decides exactly how far they want to push themselves when stepping outside their comfort zone. No experience or above-average physical strength is needed—just a desire for growth, adventure and fun.

Redefine Success

At La Vida, we believe that success is not always dependent upon completing activities and is not based on comparison. Both succeeding and failing are valuable learning opportunities and shape us as individuals. If someone gives 100% during an activity, yet doesn’t finish successfully according to the world’s standards, La Vida still views that as a success because they put forth their best effort.

Camp Reviews

“Action-packed adventures on water, land, and in the air; community building to help all kids feel involved; caring camp counselors. We’re signing up again!”
–Adventure Camp Parent

My child learned the importance of listening to others’ ideas.
–Adventure Camp Parent

“I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to do Adventure Camp because I learned a lot of leadership qualities and made new friends. The camp is fun and also teaches great moral values and social skills. Without doing Adventure Camp, I never would have experienced such awesome counselors that were so encouraging.”
–Adventure Camp Participant

The counselors and CITs are the best. I had so much fun with them!

–Adventure Camp Participant