Questions for Reflection in light of COVID

Sometimes it literally takes a pandemic for me to slow down and reflect. No shame in that, right? (Right?) 

Over the past months in quarantine, I’ve found myself asking a few key questions. I offer these as a guide to your own journey of self-discovery. 

Put your BFF on Facetime, grab a journal (maybe a seltzer?), and let’s get started!

#1. Fill in the blank: It took quarantine for me to realize this that I actually really enjoy _________,.  

What have you found yourself naturally doing with extra (forced) time at home? Do you like to garden? Bake? Style yourself or your home? Go on long runs? (Ha! Not me.) How could you continue to incorporate these into your daily rhythms both in and out of quarantine?

#2. Does your usual job (at least the one you had before COVID events started) bring you life and joy, or does it drain you? 

It sounds weird, but now is an awesome time to let severed ties be severed ties. In other words, if you are realizing from being on furlough that you actually aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, consider how you might change your career path. Maybe this isn’t feasible immediately, and none of this is to diminish the multiple hardships and fears that come with losing your job. But it’s okay and good to see a silver-lining in this, to reassess and think about what you God may have in store elsewhere, and start moving towards that.

#3. Who do I usually give my time to? Who am I giving my time to these days? Notice the differences. 

I am not saying that relationships are exactly transactional.  But I have found for that I often feel relationally exhausted from a regular routine of socializing. And my energy tank has been actually much more filled during these past weeks of quarantine. Oddly enough, I am a textbook- extrovert. But when I take a closer look at my usual social gatherings, I realize that I constantly feel the need to talk to every single person in the room. This has benefits, but it can often be at the expense of my core relationships. Reflect on how you want to invest in community, both during and post-quarantine.

4. What plans have you put on hold? How long are you willing to keep them on hold, and why?

A lot of my friends who were planning weddings for this summer. Now they are choosing to elope instead and hold their ceremonies at a later date. It is so okay to choose this type of route. Life must go on. And yet at the same time, it’s okay to mourn what was lost. Weddings are just one example. Whatever it is for you, mourn what was lost, and celebrate what you can.

#5. On that note…. what have you found yourself celebrating during quarantine that you would usually miss? And what are some everyday things that you could be celebrating? 

Make a list of things of the little blessings and joys you encounter each day. Invite those you are quarantined with to do the same, and then celebrate it! Celebrate your dog’s birthday. Can’t remember the date? Celebrate the month you bought her. Celebrate the new dress from online shopping. Celebrate your marriage. Celebrate that friend you’ve had forever. Celebrate your kids’ growth (literally, pull out the tape measure. And the Martinelli’s.) Celebrate how you can: bake the cake, wear the shoes, put on a rambunctious playlist, be goofy, dance with your kids. Jesus wept and Jesus most certainly celebrated. Life, in any moment and any context, is worth celebrating. 

These questions have helped me not just survive but thrive while in quarantine. This isn’t to say it hasn’t been hard. But there’ve been glimmers of joy and transformative lessons along the way. 

How about you? What questions have you been asking yourself in light of quarantine? We love hearing from you if you have some thoughts to share!  

Lastly, practice patience and gratitude toward yourself for taking the energy to better you and the world around you. And as the Irish blessing goes, “‘till next we meet, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.” 

Born on the coast of California, Jena has always been drawn to the ocean. She spent 7 months on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, where she completed a Discipleship School with YWAM.  Jena recently completed her degree in Biblical Studies at Gordon College, and she now lives in Gloucester. Since fall of 2019, Jena has served at La Vida as the Compass Program Assistant.